Will God Answer My Prayers?

shweta upadhyay
1 min readJul 9, 2019


Filip-Zrnzevic (Unsplash)

Hey Almighty God

would you ever

shower love and blessings mercilessly

without quantifying it?


Would there be a day

blistering the callus of distrust?


the sapling of uncertainties

mushroomed inside her heart.


Will you ever send HIM to string along?

In this practical world of presumptions

to create Question-less possibilities

of a kindling romance.


Would you let her listen to

other rhythmic beats

pacing fearlessly with her

Standing firm on the ground of realities.


Would you let her

hug all the desires

Dust-off all melancholy

Concealing a rosy red heart.


Would you be able to let “him“

walk past the

societal mob courageously

transmuting warmth

hatching the

dormant possibilities of togetherness.


Would you?

If yes; she would bloom and blossom magnificently.

A poem by shweta upadhyay



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