Ribbon-An eye opener.

shweta upadhyay
3 min readJul 1, 2019

A movie every parent must watch.

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I am in a state of complete numbness after I watched this film, Ribbon streaming on Amazon Prime.

I am speechless, yet the anger and helplessness are overpowering my brain. No. No. I am not reviewing the movie; its an eye-opener and the film raises the issue our society, family, parents and institutions are facing every day.

Today in my city tomorrow yours.

Whenever an incident of child molestation is reported; it narrates other tales hidden inside crying bedsheets.

The first half of the movie is a story a working couple who burns their blood and body to make an extraordinary living.

The plight of mid-twenty pregnancy (for a workaholic girl ) is presumably a story of every second girl. She knows she would now have to be a superwoman. And. Master extraordinary set of skills required to manage the domestic and professional front along with husband’s supportiveness.

This way, she keeps her life going. (If this was not the scenario;she would have ended up choosing the domestic front for the welfare of the family; happily sacrificing everything till the child turns three.)

Here the woman chooses-work-life balance.

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The couple lives together sharing responsibilities and chores. Family warmth and bonding grows with time. Amid all amenities and safety one day; the child shocks his dad by imitating an unusual expression and act.

The couple approaches school administration and is advised to see a Doctor. The child confesses how an attendant allured her for a bar of chocolate and touched her private part. (My fingers are shaking to write it). The couple continues to raise this issue and gets into a personal blame game. The resentment and rage of a parent continue on a personal front, but they do not give up.

And “the end” was the beginning. Comprehending a route to take this fight to next level.


A big round of applause to the female Director of this movie-Rakhee Shandilya.

Sumit Vyas and Kalki Koechlin were profoundly relatable to any parent of young kiddo.

The movie conveys a clear and audacious message that we need to create an environment inside our four walls, where we can openly discuss the sensitivity of touch.

We call it, right touch and bad touch.

Let this concept get ingrained in their young mind like Jack and Jill rhyme.

ASK THEM TO REPORT anything that is about verbal or physical discomfort.

I know it’s difficult as no one taught us. We learned it in our way, but we can’t let our little champs suffer in silence.

Let them know, we listen, understand and believe in their words and expressions.

A must watch.




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