Source:(My camera,my pic)


shweta upadhyay


My life on the wheels

took me miles away

from the concrete jungle to highland end,

from a desert of regrets to a land of conifers.


Bypassing moderate happiness

I entered in lush green patches of wonderland

Inhaling iced whiff

I began to oxygenate my sleeping heart. **********************************************************

Pine trees heard my howl

while I stood barefoot

on a plot of tender grass,

I looked up

the sky looked blue and bright;

divinity entered in my heart as I heard the loud voice. ***********************************************

It began to pour

setting the raindrops

Right there on my wet eyes.

Joyous tears made a loud cry

After a decade I realized

a soul needs

solitude to belittle griefs of life. **************************************************

I love nature.



shweta upadhyay

Overthinker, Writer, Bohemian, Musiclover. Exploring unknown landscapes of life.