My Answers For 11 Inspiring Questions.

shweta upadhyay
4 min readMay 25, 2020


1. What’s something that nobody could ever steal from you?

My attitude. My learnings. No matter how hard it is, I never give up on my dreams and aspirations. Maybe, I slow down, pause or get frightened for some time, but I never stop believing in my capacity to design another map for my life when challenges overshadow. Whenever I feel life is being unfair to me( in the personal and professional domain), I gather all the available resources to find a solution. I don’t play the blame game. I live my strategies not simply plan them.

2. Who would you like to forgive right now?

Now, this is a tricky one as forgiveness to me is an involuntary action. I forgive as soon as I embark on my journey, though I carry the painful experience as a faded memory. Expecting a closure apology is an unrealistic expectation. Hence I use all my wisdom to read and assume that another party is not an epitome of honesty and authenticity !! Deceitful behaviour paves a clear path for closure.

My forgiveness journey transforms something within me, brings a change in my perspective but never weakens my ability to trust and create a compassionate bond with my friends and colleagues.

In-person, forgiving those who broke my trust and left me in the middle of no-where, (that too, when I needed someone to be with me and say- It shall pass)would be my answer to this question:-)

3. What is happiness?

Happiness, to me, is -laughter. When I am thrilled, I can laugh at myself.

Airing all the discontentment, I write love-poetry.

I drive, meet my friends and slip into a solution-driven mode.

4. What impact do you want to leave on the people you love?

I would want people to know me, as I am, not as they perceived me-before we met. I want people to know me as a woman of words and deeds.

5. What is life too short to tolerate?

Life is too short to tolerate, what bothers you 24x7. Leave it. Life is too precious to waste on some fixated emotions and principles. I often write, and say-Life is an endless series of let-go and move on. Attachment causes pain, disconnecting from loved ones is challenging. Accept the discomfort. Acknowledge it, but let the life move on the trail of time.

Eat. Love. Celebrate. Push boundaries. Widen the horizons of your comfort zones, carefully analyze your dreams; chase or walk, it’s your life.

6. What’s something that used to scare you, but doesn’t anymore?

Fear of losing balance, control over something.

Contemplating, What if? Am I capable of doing this?

Will I be able to get through this emotion?

Am I enough?

7. What do you want to remember forever?

*The lessons I learned in various walks of life.

*The people who stood beside me when I needed them most.

*My hardships.

*Loved ones.

8. What do you always look forward to?

The Sunlit days. Happy moments. And random outings in the lap of nature.

9. What do you appreciate the most about your life?

My family. Motherhood. My passion for writing and connecting with people.

10. What’s something that everyone should be able to say before they die?

I loved, laughed and helped.

11.In one sentence, who are you?

Unapologetically- An authentic version of Shweta. I am Shweta.

Thanks John Ross. You inspired me to answer a few questions:-)

Shweta Upadhyay

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