Defining love can be as simple as learning metamorphosis.


Mumma. What is love to you?

Now, please be honest with me and let me know if you had a special friend in high school?

Were you good at hiding stuff from your parents?

Oh!! God!! My teenage daughter had endless questions, and I was determined to be a truth abiding mother.

Since she celebrated her 14th birthday and grew taller, she began to reframe her problems in a specifically annoying tone. Beyond academics, there were challenges and issues to be addressed.

I was multitasking, spying, communicating and learning the skills to deal with all the teenage tantrums. Yeah. I failed a couple of times, but the facilitator inside me was always in active mode.

Researching and Innovating. I understood those questions she asked were not redundant and, the answers were reasonably affirmative in nature, but I chose to be silent.


Because the first question was relatively trickier than others. “My soon to be an adult daughter was looking forward to me and all I did was to fabricated a theory-Love is similar to Metamorphosis. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I composed an email writing-Life has been a magnificent journey ever since I (purposely) coalesced the ideology of love with the evolutionary development of the living creatures. Every stage of evolution resonated with various phases of human life and relationships. After I learned, the heart is a hive for emotions, and human relationships are conceived here, I got more selective about my emotional attachment. After all, It is a blood-pumping organ. Uttering lub -dub, supplying oxygenated blood to different parts of the body-it had to be hale and hearty.

As a larva teen, I was cocooned in a world of dreams and desires, feeding voraciously on ideologies of love and relationship. Yeah, I was reading Mills and Boon. But I had to make some smart career choices; hence, I chose books. The wheel of time rotated and cocooned me in the protective yet conventional layers of the standard setup.

I began to swing between what I desired and what I had. Desires had feathers white and bright, frivolous yet devoid of strength.

I needed wings; Pupating was the only option. I freed myself from the protective zones and learned the skills of survival.

Darwin’s theory knocked me out, and I began to learn, to hide? Camouflaging the dark shades of disappointment, I entered into adulthood. Oh! Love was a relative term for the physical world, but for me, it was the world. Learning and unlearning the soul binding elements of love relationship turmoil, I began to live for the present moment.

(Then I met a man, I call him my husband.)

I created a world where desires had wings to fly. Unrequited and incomplete tales created more space to grow and accept the traits of a love life.

The adult version of me is a learner in the landscape of life. Learning and unlearning, unloving to love with ample fondness.

“She is still looking for the right answers”. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Overthinker, Writer, Bohemian, Musiclover. Exploring unknown landscapes of life.