Kabir Singh- a great disappointment.

shweta upadhyay
2 min readJun 29, 2019


Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani’s latest movie, Kabir Singh took less than a week to cross Rs 100 crore mark. Kabir Singh-A remake of Arjun Reddy is undoubtedly a personification of toxic love.

After reading the reviews and its box office success, I was expecting it to be a passionate love story. I decided to watch the movie in my own company.

I expected the leading character, Kabir Singh to be little short-tempered, a Pro, workaholic and a renowned surgeon, living with a burning desire to love passionately. But;it was a myth.

I had overlooked the criticism the film had received. To my utter despair, Kabir Singh turned out to be a foul-mouthed alcoholic misogynist who didn’t believe in taking consent for anything he does.

The younger son of a rich dad chose violence and power to influence others. The girl — Preeti (Kiara Advani) falls for his toxic patterns and behaves like a girl who has no preferences personal or professional.

The movie romanticizes the idea of being in love with a man who ill-treats his friends, professors and family members and behaves recklessly 24x7, exhibiting no signs of regret.

This movie reminded me of Shahrukh Khan’s film-Darr. Where he was threatening and loving his beloved, that too was a big hit.

The stupendous response by the audience made me wonder what I should write about the movie?

Because in my opinion there was nothing I would love to carry as a lesson or learning. I tried harder to put my cerebral exercise at a halt and enjoy those three hours; it left me perplexed.

Shahid Kapoor, as an actor did a fantastic job. That’s all I can say.

Nothing fascinated me, to me it was a 3 hours botheration.

The mother inside me was eagerly waiting for a miraculous moment -where female protagonist would stand against Kabir Singh openly condemning his misogynistic conduct. And. Then. He would plunge into profound realization.

Nothing, I left the movie hall contemplating, What is feminism now??

Is it an ideology, a fancy term or a redundant thought to ponder.




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