Is my life in a perfect random motion?

shweta upadhyay
1 min readAug 20, 2019
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Each day I wake up, dress up, color my lips with subtle pink lipstick, put on a show to go to work. So does everyone. The show doesn’t stop.

My day begins with a promise of hope and ends up carrying a bundle of lessons. Sweet or sour. I call it a day and move on.
The joy and juggling never stop.

But Pain progresses; unlike before, turning into a bud. Purple bud. Productive-pain.

Nowadays, silence speaks volumes.
Words and sentences create ambiguity.

Holiday destinations are shifting from Goa to Yoga.

What seemed to be healthy and hormonal is soulful yes I am referring to the steamy story intimate moments.

Street food and fancy café attract me on rainy days.

A warm cup of tea is my feast.

Does it resonate with your life-pattern?

I need to know if my life is in perfect random motion?




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