Source: My camera.

Let me be the rivulet

longing to meet

Another river; not the SEA

Playing hide and seek

with other tributaries

hopping joyously on grains and gravels,

harmonizing with pitapat,

hugging other watercourses,

outlining uneven terrains


lucid on half-baked murky days.


Let me be a creek

flowing instinctively


RIVER has been remarkably feminine (In Indian mythology)

splashing womanish features

including the names Ganga, Kaveri.


Let me be the river

ripping apart

the fear of flowing

along the rough terrain,


this is how

I would learn to merge

my sweetness

with the

saltiness of the Sea.

Let me be the river, for now.


Source-My camera.


Overthinker, Writer, Bohemian, Musiclover. Exploring unknown landscapes of life.

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