Are you dating a Married Man?


Who is Victimized in this companionship ?

The Giver. The Dreamer.

Why? Because the person who is emotionally wounded is often the one who lacks self-love. A quest for love minus thoughtfulness brings two anxious souls together. The late-night texts the halcyon days and malaise-free nights do not last longer. Soon another drama begins. The person who loses control over emotions and assumes that the companionship would last no matter what comes their way, often ends up paying for the therapy sessions.

How to deal with this situation.

#Accept the rejection wholeheartedly. Accept that you were the one who tried to make it work; when you had to walk away.

Source:- Google

My Advice

Let him go . What’s not yours’s will never be yours’s. He was always trying to run from something or the other, that’s how he came to you. You will never be enough for him. So, relax. Do not try to win his heart or please him in any way. Honesty is still the best policy in all the relationships.



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shweta upadhyay

shweta upadhyay


Overthinker, Writer, Bohemian, Musiclover. Exploring unknown landscapes of life.