Anecdotic learning is productive.

shweta upadhyay
2 min readJun 18, 2019
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The anecdotic lessons enriched my world.

Have you ever imagined an upbringing without stories? To me, a lesson paves its way through a fable in every walk of life. I believe be it a classroom, a co-working space, a boardroom or a management trainee session there is no world minus stories.

I learned, exemplifying the illustration can have a magical effect. Looking back at the vast learning experiences I had to date, I find, these experiences enriched my world of knowledge. Fab fables. From childhood to adulthood. Be it the word problem of Mathematics related to addition, subtraction, multiplication or division or Newton’s law of gravitation, there was a detailed theory and explanation with brilliant examples.

Why do we love stories?

1.Stories drive our dreams, motivate us to energize ourselves not to make castles in the air. Teachers, Grandparents, Parents had been knitting tales to make the entire learning experience memorable and effective.

I have been solving the exponential equations of life remembering the stories I had heard. Yes, it makes sense to me. The mythological characters speak to me through their actions and outcome. I can acknowledge my potential and limitations, avoiding all the drama that might hamper the outcome.

2. It adds hues to learning.

Management gurus have been motivating minds through powerful anecdotes. Be it a workshop on skill development or target marketing, Teacher’s training or middle management training, it begins with a tale.


The answer is simple. To create an impact.

Relevant narratives create a euphoric moment which is the crucial element of anecdotic learning.

Once the listener touches the lowest peak of euphoria, your mission is accomplished.

3. It establishes direct contact between the listener and the narrator.

Fabricating a tale around the subject makes it productive.

PowerPoint presentation of an hour can take the audience on a power nap trip unless it is highly interactive.

Confabulation adds value to an overall learning experience by making it productive and interactive.

3. It enhances the creative quotient of the listener.

Listening skills enable a person to withdraw valuable lessons from the narratives.

Productivity or Creativity is the prerequisite of many professions and professionals make every possible effort to enhance their efficiency to work and innovate.

The world is engaged in researching and inventing significant ways to birth new ideas and to introduce a new concept before launching a product . And. Stories are playing the role of a catalyst. Generating new ideas, creating a new outlook.

Recreation is in progress 24x7; never at a halt.

Philosophically we are walking stories, each coming from a different walk of life, enriched with trillions of experiences; striving hard to reach the pinnacle of achievement in a professional or personal landscape.

I believe in creating impactful narratives that would inspire others to dream, think, learn and innovate.

Do you?





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