A mother is always a learner.

shweta upadhyay
3 min readJun 22, 2019
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Mothers continue to learn from everyone. Including their kids.

Mumma. How long would I learn this lesson?

I have already learned it in school.

I know plants need food like you and me, but they don’t have a kitchen to cook, so their leaves rent them the space for cooking.

Rohit. It was exemplified that way. To make it simpler and Imaginative. While answering, you will have to write a complete definition of photosynthesis hence practice writing it, once or twice.

Am I clear?

Yes. Mum.

Last time you didn’t get good grades. Dad was very disappointed. I give you so many worksheets for all the subjects to practice, but you make paper planes out of them.

My suggestions would make your lesson easier.

Who else loves you more than me?

Promise me you wouldn’t turn the practice sheets into paper planes.

Oh! please don’t give me a grumpy look.

You know I left my job so that you shall not be neglected and left alone at home with a caretaker and now I regret it like anything.

Is it so Mumma? Then go and work in a school, like my Teacher.

Then, you shall be as happier as she is.

Rohit? (A silence persists).

Now, you have to finish this work and then go for your creative writing class. Am I clear?


Mumma, Can I go to the balcony and watch the children playing cricket?

Sure; but don’t take too long.

Daddy finds me grumpy when I instruct you in his presence. Do your work before he is back and then play your Xbox games with him. But only after dinner.


Mumma. Can I assist you in watering the plants kept in the balcony?

“Rohit please, don’t water those plants all the time. You need to understand, plants do need water and sunlight but in the right proportions. The day you overexpose your plant to the sun it will lose it moisture similarly if you water it every now and then ; it will die in dampness”.

Is it so mum?

Yeah, sweetheart.

It’s like Overeating.

Then what about Over studying Mumma?

Does it have any side effects?

Is it why I lose my interest while answering the question paper?

“I want to learn the way my Teacher teaches me. She takes us to the school garden, shows us different varieties of leaves, then our drawing teacher asks us to draw leaves of different shapes and size, the English language teacher talks about the importance of green leafy vegetables.

We celebrate it as Green Day.

After this, why can’t I play other outdoor games?

Wouldn’t that make me healthier and happier like these plants?

Mumma, say something.

Rohit. Go and play cricket for some time and keep these papers on Dad’s desk. And yes, tomorrow I shall go to your school and thank your Teachers. ***********************************************************




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