In search of my soulmate

खोजती हूँ तेरा अक्स
कभी लफ्ज़ो में
तो कभी दरवेशियों में
तू भी उन की मानिंद
किसी से छुपा बैठा है। (I look for your shadow in words and saints;you too hide like they do).

As I listen to the
soulful verses of “Ghazal “
I walk towards him
knowing his address is not known.

A shadow exists in the shayrana verses
to hustle my heart
into an ecstatic world of love and desires.

I spend the entire day, playing the same gazal
till I can scribble a name.

I walk hand in hand with an umbra in the lush green wilderness;
where he narrates his incomplete poems.

Oh! I wonder!
Does he find a similar reflection in
Shayari and ghazals?
My mind plays the same ghazal
while he completes his, incomplete poetic verses.

Shweta Upadhyay.

A Haiku.

Sometimes we need closure. A 360 degree turn from the existing situation or a person that no longer allure us. It doesn’t happen because we give less to make it work or we expect emeralds and diamonds; it occurs when someone refuses to watch the moon and stars with us, on one particular night. One Denial-is the beginning of closure. The closure is the beginning of a new expedition.

Poised exit aver
hushed words and few denials-
call for the closure.

Thanks, Brett Christensen for giving a prompt to write a haiku or tanka using the prompt word “graceful” (or a derivative).


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3 AM thoughts.

Thunder, lightning and wakefulness at 3 AM.

I do nothing but Imagine,
Imagine if you and I could be us.

Curled up in the warmth of love,
Tasting tears, immersing in a passionate surf.

I Imagine you proclaiming the whiteness in me;
hidden under the dark layers of grief.

I Imagine the two of us, scribbling each other’s name on our naked souls.

I see the downpour washing away the misery and your fingers caressing the tangled tuft of hair.

I Imagine.

Thundering continues so does the lightning; and my imagination.


Image:- My Mobile-camera.

Instagram: pen_journey.


shweta upadhyay

Overthinker, Writer, Bohemian, Musiclover. Exploring unknown landscapes of life.

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