shweta upadhyay
1 min readApr 20, 2020


3 AM thoughts.

Thunder, lightning and wakefulness at 3 AM.

I do nothing but Imagine,
Imagine if you and I could be us.

Curled up in the warmth of love,
Tasting tears, immersing in a passionate surf.

I Imagine you proclaiming the whiteness in me;
hidden under the dark layers of grief.

I Imagine the two of us, scribbling each other’s name on our naked souls.

I see the downpour washing away the misery and your fingers caressing the tangled tuft of hair.

I Imagine.

Thundering continues so does the lightning; and my imagination.


Image:- My Mobile-camera.

Instagram: pen_journey.




shweta upadhyay

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